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3 Things To Remember Before Making Any Updates When Selling Your Home

Homesellers: 3 Things To Remember Before Making Any Updates When Selling Your Home

If you’re planning to sell your home, just thinking about the preparations you need for your property can easily become overwhelming. Because of this, many sellers tend to overspend on repairs and updates that won’t help sell their homes for more.

They feel like they have to fix everything and over-improve, to the point of losing money if the return doesn’t match the investment.

So before you hit the hardware stores or call your trusted contractor, let’s look at these three crucial things that will help you determine how to approach repairs as you plan to list your home.

  1. Consult with a trusted local real estate agent on the necessity of repairs and updates

With an experienced real estate agent by your side, you don’t have to figure it out alone. Since they are knowledgeable about the neighborhood and the market conditions, they should be able to provide insight into which repairs and upgrades are necessary. Likewise, they can advise if some projects should be left undone to save money, especially those that won’t make a difference to your home’s value or won’t be a deal-breaker to potential buyers.

So make sure you hire a trusted listing agent who will keep your best interests in mind. Allowing them to do a quick walkthrough before you put your home on the market will save you from undertaking any project that will only waste your time and money.

  1. Think about the return on investment before making any repairs

Further, you can determine what repairs, renovations, or improvements will add value and bring a good return on investment (ROI) with the help of your agent. Sometimes a major renovation makes sense, and sometimes it does not. It depends on the market, neighborhood, and your time and budget. Your real estate agent can help you by doing a comparative market analysis, which is an in-depth report on your home’s current value and how it compares to other homes. It will help you calculate the ROI to see if updating makes financial sense.

Remember that in the end, any cosmetic repairs or projects you complete should ultimately be to your benefit. If sizable ticket upgrades are impossible and won’t recoup their cost, consider other things that will help improve your home. It’s usually the small things, such as deep cleaning, decluttering, and enhancing your curb appeal, that has a significant impact on your home’s sale… READ MORE…

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