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7 Truths You Should Never Say To Buyers When Selling Your Home

7 Truths You Should Never Say To Buyers When Selling Your Home

When it comes to selling your home, it is your duty to disclose things that could be harmful to the future homeowners, such as the presence of asbestos or lead paint in the property, pest infestations, and even mold. However, there are certain facts that sellers should never slip to buyers, especially when it involves personal circumstances.

And while a seller should never be around the house during showings, it isn’t uncommon for the buyer and the buyer’s agent to show up while you are still in the house. And during those short moments when you’re leaving for the door, questions from the buyer such as “Why are you selling?” and “How long has this been on the market?” could be thrown at you. If you’re not mindful of answering these seemingly innocent questions, they could reveal important details that could compromise your negotiating power and cost you the home sale.

Here are some of the things sellers should never, ever talk about with a prospective buyer:

  1. Your house has been on the market for a LONG TIME.

While this information is often listed on the home’s information sheet, you may want to avoid bringing up this topic to potential buyers. Discussing to the buyer how long the home has been on the market can send the wrong message. They may think you’re desperate to sell, so there’s a chance they will give a lowball offer, include too many contingencies, or complicate negotiations. Likewise, buyers may think there’s something wrong with the house that’s why it’s still sitting on the market.

  1. You’re selling because…
“So, why are you selling your house?”

One of the biggest reasons people sell their homes is out of necessity. You may have lost your job or got an offer to another city; you’re getting a divorce, having financial problems, or had a death in the family. No matter your situation and reason for selling your beloved home, you may want to keep that to yourself. Because while all these situations could evoke sympathy to your potential buyers, it won’t stop them from thinking that you’re desperate to sell.

Remember that the buyer’s goal is to get the best deal possible, and when you hint that you’re going through some difficult times, some buyers may attempt to take advantage of the situation. The last thing you want to show them is desperation. You need to always appear confident so you can fetch top dollar out of your biggest investment.


Each buyer has their own preferences. So avoid saying anything about the neighborhood, or else it could backfire. Informing them that you’d want to move to a peaceful neighborhood could imply there’s a problem with your neighbors or your community in general. Likewise, saying that the area is quiet won’t be helpful either, especially when the buyer wants a thriving nightlife. You don’t know what a home buyer wants in his or her new community so it’s better to avoid this topic.

  1. You already made an offer on a new home – and CAN’T WAIT TO MOVE!

Don’t disclose that you already found your next ideal home but that your offer is contingent on selling this house. The same rule applies if you’ve already purchased your next home and are already dying to move. While these situations are very common, it may signal to potential buyers that there’s a sense of urgency and you need to sell quickly. And this may prompt them to yield a low ball offer. So instead of sharing that you already found the home of your dreams, tell them that you’re still looking… READ MORE…

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7 Truths You Should Never Say
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