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Last-Minute Home Showing Checklist for Sellers

Last-Minute Home Showing Checklist for Sellers

When you put up your home for sale, keep in mind that last-minute notices to show it to prospective buyers are always a possibility. But we trust that you’ve done all the huge and critical tasks even before listing, including deep cleaning, depersonalizing, and making little but necessary repairs.

Now, all you need is a simple checklist just in case you get a call from your agent that a buyer wants to see your house in an hour… or less. Here are a couple of tasks you can do to further make a good impression and lessen the stress of every single home showing.

Last-Minute Home Showing Checklist for Sellers

  1. Clear counters of any junk

Tables and countertops often become an easy drop zone for a variety of clutter. Have a dedicated basket or a tote bag where you can put away anything you collect, and then take them with you when you leave the house.

  1. Wipe all countertops clean

Aside from clutter, you’d want to remove all dust and dirt from countertops. Also, make sure that the kitchen sink and the top of the appliances are clean and spotless.

  1. Make all the beds

Try to tidy up and get rid of all the wrinkles and lumps to provide a hotel feel to this personal space.

  1. Empty all trash cans

People coming into your home definitely won’t want to see or smell your trash. So make sure you take them out regardless of how full they are for a cleaner-smelling home.

  1. Secure your valuables

Do not leave loose change, cash, expensive jewelry, financial documents, prescription drugs, and any other valuables out in plain sight. Lock them in a file cabinet so your personal information and belongings are secured during every showing.

  1. Turn on all lights and open windows and blinds

Make your space look more inviting by turning on all lights. Especially if the house tour is on a nice day, show off your natural lighting by cracking open a few windows and drawing curtains and blinds to let the sunlight in.

  1. Take your pets and their things with you

We know how much you love your pet, but you have to take them with you, together with their bed, toys, litter boxes, and other accessories… READ MORE…

Bottom line

Remember that any home showing has the potential to lead to a sale. And while it’s better for buyers to see a messy home than no home at all, that extra charm of keeping it clean and tidy might just seal the deal. The key is to maintain a good cleaning and organizing habit so every home showing will go a bit smoother even if you are still living in the home.

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