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September 2023 Homeward Bound Newsletter

The Giving It Back And Paying It Forward Real Estate Newsletter | September 2023 Homeward Bound Newsletter

September 2023 Homeward Bound
September 2023 Homeward Bound Newsletter

In case you are not sure of the title… it’s Labor Day. The Backwards Holiday. Every year when it rolls around, I wonder why it is named Labor Day. Since it’s a Holiday intended to be just that, a Holiday – I would think a better name may be Relax Day or Lazy Day or Off Day or Sleep in Day, maybe even Do- Nothing Day, something other than Labor Day. After all, we know what Labor means. And many will likely be celebrating Labor Day by Laboring.

Labor Day came about because workers felt they were spending too many
hours and days on the job.

In the 1830s, manufacturing workers were putting in 70-hour weeks on average.
Sixty years later, in 1890, hours of work had dropped, although the average manufacturing worker still toiled in a factory 60 hours a week.

These long working hours caused many union organizers to focus on winning a shorter eight-hour workday. They also focused on getting workers more days off, such as the Labor Day holiday, and reducing the workweek to just six days.
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September 2023 Homeward Bound

FOODRAISING FRIENDS, INC. is Making a Difference Today and for Tomorrow

You may know someone considering buying or selling a home. If so, please refer them to our team. Not only will they benefit from our award-winning service, a very worthy cause will benefit as well.

Just give me a call or pass on my number. Thank you for giving this some though.

A core value at our company is “the size of the hole you give through is directly proportionate to the size of the hole you receive through.”

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Life moves fast for some and we are eager to make the Home Selling and Buying experience a smooth rewarding one. Over the last two decades of helping thousands of families sell their home and/or buy another, we have met some wonderful, loving, caring people. People like you! As we move forward this Summer, please know we are extremely thankful for you being a special part of our business.

Thank you in advance for your referrals! The best number to reach me at is 850-502-8600. Over the decades of helping thousands and thousands of families sell or buy the place they call home, we have met so many wonderful, loving, caring people. We are so grateful. Thank you for reading over this month’s Homeward Bound and thank you for referring anyone you know considering buying or selling to my team. They will be in good hands and a very worthy cause will benefit as well.

Like our Buyer Satisfaction Guarantee: If you buy a home through us, and you are not completely satisfied with the home within 18 months of purchase, we’ll buy it back or resell it for FREE! And we guarantee that a portion of our income WILL go to a very worthy cause like FOODRAISING FRIENDS, INC. !

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September 2023 Homeward Bound
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