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Deborah Kling
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Three Big Things to Look for When House Shopping

It’s natural to gravitate toward a visually beautiful home that has eye-catching elements such as granite kitchen countertops, a large fireplace, an attractive patio, or a well-landscaped yard. These attractive parts of the house stand out, but what you don’t notice can end up becoming costly liabilities.

So, what are the big things you need to look for? Use the following list to avoid expensive repairs that will drain your bank account after closing. As a professional real estate agent, I can recommend a home inspector to check out the following structural components.

A roof covers and protects the entire structure of your home, so ensuring it’s in good condition is important. A home inspection can determine if there are torn or damaged shingles, rotting underlayment, or other problems. When roof leaks are not repaired promptly, damage occurs to the attic and ceiling areas, mold and mildew grow, the structural integrity of the home is compromised, and electrical wires near the leak become a fire hazard. Roof problems also contribute to an increase in heating and cooling costs.

A home is built on its foundation, which, if weakened or damaged, can cause serious structural problems. Some signs an inspector will look for include the following:

  • Cracks in the foundation wall and floor
  • Foundation settling, sinking, or upheaving
  • Doors sticking or not opening or closing properly
  • Counters and cabinets coming away from the wall
  • Gaps around window frames and exterior doors
  • Floors sagging or slanting
  • Damp crawl space, which can result in termite infestation and wood beam rot

Old and drafty windows allow cold air to enter and heat to exit, resulting in higher heating and cooling bills. Security is also an issue with older windows; 24% of all burglars enter a home through first-floor windows. New windows have security locks and modern features to make breaking in a challenge for burglars.

Cosmetic upgrades are inexpensive and home improvements can be made at any time, but these three structural components are the foundation of a home. Repairs to any of these items can be extensive and expensive. When house hunting, always have a home inspector check out the home before making your final decision to purchase.

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